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Safety and Security in Schools

Safety in our schools

ImageThere is very little in the school environment that is more important than student safety and security. Whether there is a real or suspected threat to student safety, clear and effective communication plans are vital.

We meet on a regular basis with many of our school customers and discuss the many issues they face and how we can develop a concept to overcome these challenges. From these discussions we have amassed a vast amount of experience on the specific telecommunication requirements needed in schools.

How can Telephone Technologies help?

The team at Telephone Technologies has developed and released a School Safety and Security strategy that many schools have used with great success.  In partnership with our major technology supplier, we have designed a specific solution that will enables the school to co-ordinate an immediate response to security and emergency situations.

Many schools regularly practice OH&S drills. Our School Security strategy is based on the latest telephony technology that enables schools of all sizes and levels to co-ordinate an immediate response to security situations, such as evacuations or lockdowns. Clear and vital communication plans can be carried out with one push of a button.

The Solution

This valuable security solution allows the school to:

  • ImageRaise an alarm to alert staff of the presence of an intruder;
  • Ensure your classrooms are in lockdown mode;
  • Instantly display lockdown mode for each classroom;
  • Instantly display classrooms that are not secured so you can tend to them, within a reasonable timeframe;
  • Respond to medical emergencies and situations of duress within the school;
  • Direct conference capabilities between the office staff, class teachers or yard duty teacher and emergency services;
  • Notify parents of any incident (or general correspondence) through integrated SMS technology; and
  • Allows for each classroom and assembly point to “report in” at the touch of a button.

Telephone Technologies has over 16 years experience in education communications and collectively, many more years experience in technical solutions. Currently, over 400 schools trust and depend on our services.

What next?

Call us today and discover how we can improve your school communication strategies or, if you have a specific challenge in your communications we will be happy to meet with you and discuss a concept and strategy to overcome this challenge. Our goal is to help you experience service the way it should be.

Telephone Technologies – your Education Specialist Solution Centre.

ImageContact Telephone Technologies for a demonstration.

We may also discuss a complete, obligation free ICT review.

Call us, send a request for more information or visit our website to find out more.

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