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Telstra Wi-Fi is growing

Credit: Aaron Goile BDM at Telephone Technologies     In a plan worth more than $100m TELSTRA is creating one of the world’s largest Wi-Fi networks, to boost connectivity in Australian cafes, shopping areas, stadiums and transport hubs. Whether you are a Telstra customer or not, the aim is to offer Australians access to two… Continue reading Telstra Wi-Fi is growing

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Evernote review

Author: Amanda Villalobos, Administration Assistant at Telephone Technologies.   Remember Everything   This Week Telephone Technologies takes a look at Evernote, an App that’s making its presence known in the business world. For all the right reasons! With the way Technology is growing it is safe to say that most people own or carry some… Continue reading Evernote review

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Office 365

Author - Ashlene Groves Service Delivery Co-Ordinator What is Office 365? Office 365 is a subscription based online office which provides a number of products and services that you can tailor to your organisation. As Office 365 is powered by the Cloud, you can access your Microsoft Web Apps and files from anywhere and depending… Continue reading Office 365

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The Cloud and You

  Information at risk The internet has become more important to everyday life than ever before. Information is becoming increasingly important and to simply store files on a local hard drive, or even on a removable disk is starting to show gaps in information security. Current Backup Services There are now a number of cloud… Continue reading The Cloud and You