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No more unexpected data shock

dataLast month Telstra announced to the public that they will begin dispatching real-time mobile data usage alerts to their Post-Paid mobile customers. Customers will now be alerted within seconds when they reach 50 per cent, 85 per cent and 100 per cent of their monthly data allowance.

In comparison to other mobile operators and Telstra in the past, it would take up to 48 hours to communicate data usage information to customers. Customers will now be alerted instantly, even during the viewing of a video.

Furthermore, Telstra will also be updating their Telstra 24×7 and Telstra One apps to allow for updated data usage every 15 minutes. This roll out of real time data will transform the way customers stay in control of their mobile data spend.

What next?

Speak to us at Telephone Technologies if you have any questions regarding data usage or advice on how to make your business work more efficiently.

We can also help improve your business communication strategies or, if you have a specific challenge in your communications we will meet with you and discuss a concept and strategy to overcome this challenge.

You may also like to discuss a complete, obligation free ICT review. Our goal is to help you experience service the way it should be.

Telephone Technologies – your Telstra Mobile Solutions Centre.


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