Vision Statement

Telephone Technologies aims to become a customer’s preferred telecommunications supplier in the communications Industry with the provision of superior products and customer service.

We will achieve this by creating an culture within the company focusing on technology development, customer needs, experience and the implementation of a converged solution to give added value to the customers acquisition.

Integral to our success is the ongoing development of our staff, products and service in meeting the ongoing demands of a rapid changing market and technology. Our primary focus will be to evolve into Australia’s leading telephone systems provider.

Our success will generate ongoing demand that will exceed all expectations.

About us

Telephone Technologies a 100% wholly Australian owned Telecommunications company boasting over 15 years in operation with a highly regarded reputation for customer service and experience located in the growth corridors of the South Eastern Region of Melbourne

During this time it has come to excel in the market in terms of quality and service. The underlying reason for this, has been its desire to provide a complete range of high quality business products and services for its customers.

Many organisations have come to this industry with a single focus of providing customers with reduced telecommunications costs. All too few have the vision to place equal emphasis on the importance of value-added services. Telephone Technologies is one of the few.

With a customer base of over five thousand companies both locally and nationally, Telephone Technologies will provide its customers with the most highly featured communications equipment and applications in the Australian market and will also reconcile their monthly telecommunications account for even better value.

Telecommunications users have been telling us what they want is a single point-of-contact for all their telecommunications requirements and they want to be presented with a single monthly statement to simplify control of telecommunications expenses.

We are that single point-of-contact.

Our approach is to provide all the services that contribute to successful telecommunications management for our customers.

As the variety of products and services increases, business consumers are expecting Service Providers to offer seamless communications solutions by integrating single products and services including business equipment solutions.

True Single billing is more attractive to the consumer, due to the potential savings and simplicity by having to maintain only one communication provider.

Therefore we believe that by maintaining a solid relationship with Telstra, this will allow us to partner with a solid supplier of telecommunications products (TBS – Telstra Business Systems). Coupled with Australia’s largest telecommunications company and allowing for true single billing subsequently enhancing the opportunity to expand the business into the next phase of its growth.

Telephone Technologies specializes in Telstra services including fixed lines,broadband services, mobile phones, accessories and IC& T communication solutions including LAN and WAN implementations. It has a Telstra Dealer agreement and is a Fully Accredited Channel Partner for Voice Mobile and Complex Data products has been accredited as a TBS dealer, positioning Telephone Technologies as a one stop communications shop.

Telephone Technologies currently has NEC Panasonic & Cisco as our phone system suppliers.

By specializing in high quality products this enables us to focus on the whole of business approach maintaining a high level of service. With the support of Telstra and our Channel Partners we are able to provide our products on the following foundation:

  • Quality Products
  • High Level of Service
  • Price Competitiveness
  • Whole of business offerings
  • Specialist expertise for all telecommunication requirements.

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