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Increase in Toll Fraud Cases – what it is and are you protected?

Over the past 6 month, there has been an alarming increase in the amount of Toll Fraud cases being reported by Carriers. Australia, due to its geographical location has been protected from threat in many cases. Unfortunately, this is not the case in a digital world. Through the internet, or telecommunications network, hackers are able… Continue reading Increase in Toll Fraud Cases – what it is and are you protected?

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Is it really Telstra calling?

This week, Telstra is launching its largest marketing campaign dedicated to raising community awareness about telemarketers who attempt to mislead customers, and scammers who attempt to obtain customers’ personal information via the telephone. The centrepiece of the campaign is an information flyer entitled, ‘Is it really Telstra calling?’ Between now and Christmas, the flyer will… Continue reading Is it really Telstra calling?

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SCAM ALERT!! Telstra BigPond

Two eMails purporting to be from Telstra BigPond are circulating at the moment. If you receive either of these please disregard and delete them immediately!! This one: And this one: Contact Telephone Technologies for a complete, obligation free ICT review. Call us, send a request for more information or visit our website to find out… Continue reading SCAM ALERT!! Telstra BigPond