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The 2015 Budget and what it means for your business

The 2015 Budget delivered last week contained some very good stimulus and ideas for small businesses in Australia. Small businesses will benefit greatly from the Government’s “Growing Jobs and Small Business Package” which is aimed at helping small business to invest, grow and employ more people.  $20,000 small business tax break. The biggest 2015 Budget… Continue reading The 2015 Budget and what it means for your business

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The iPhone 6 is here

The Apple iPhone is back “bigger than bigger”. Upon its release on September 19, the public has been captivated by the two varying models available, the iPhone 6 & 6 plus. Apple has aimed for more durability in their eighth generation iPhone with both models sporting a more rounded body and smooth metallic edges. They… Continue reading The iPhone 6 is here

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A timely warning from The Teltech Team

Recently, we were contacted by one of our customers, a fairly normal business in suburban Melbourne. They requested IT assistance for an issue they were having across their network. Nothing out of the ordinary it seemed to us, we were onto it straight away. We immediately discovered that a very serious virus had corrupted their… Continue reading A timely warning from The Teltech Team

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Service Level Agreements

One of the major advantages of a Telstra private network is the reduction in cost of ownership and management of ICT infrastructure. This means businesses can have their IT staff concentrating full time on important project work that will help grow their business.Imagine if you could eliminate the time expensive IT staff are tied up… Continue reading Service Level Agreements

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Why you’re going to love Telstra’s new 4G superhighway

When young Australians watch video they reach for the screen in their pocket ahead of the TV remote. That fact alone is driving an insatiable demand for fast mobile connectivity across the country. And it’s not just video that’s demanding snappy performance from our mobile infrastructure. Apps and sophisticated photo editing software on smartphones are… Continue reading Why you’re going to love Telstra’s new 4G superhighway

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About Telstra’s new 700Mhz spectrum

If you were curious about the Telstra's new 700Mhz spectrum, here is nearly everything you need to know. This article contains quite a lot of tech stuff so we apologise in advance if it is too much but you will be impressed if you can plow through. Well here goes . . . . Success… Continue reading About Telstra’s new 700Mhz spectrum

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Telstra Wi-Fi is growing

Credit: Aaron Goile BDM at Telephone Technologies     In a plan worth more than $100m TELSTRA is creating one of the world’s largest Wi-Fi networks, to boost connectivity in Australian cafes, shopping areas, stadiums and transport hubs. Whether you are a Telstra customer or not, the aim is to offer Australians access to two… Continue reading Telstra Wi-Fi is growing