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Telstra launches an International Travel Pass

- Are you planning an overseas trip in the near future? Does the thought of coming home to a hefty phone bill concern you? Well look no further than this article, as we are excited to announce a new offer available to Telstra customers. For a one-off pre-paid charge, Telstra customers are now being given… Continue reading Telstra launches an International Travel Pass

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TIM School Communicator

Here at Telephone Technologies we are excited to tell all of our school customers about the new TIM School Communicator. This Telstra product has been designed to enhance the integrated messaging system within Primary and Secondary schools and will enable effective two-way dialogue among the entire school community. Read on as we give our full… Continue reading TIM School Communicator

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E-SMS for Schools

This is pretty much self explanatory . . . Telephone Technologies - your Education Specialist Solution Centre. Contact Telephone Technologies for a demonstration. We may also discuss a complete, obligation free ICT review. Call us, send a request for more information or visit our website to find out more. +61 3 9781 7000 enquiries@telephonetechnologies.com.au http://www.telephonetechnologies.com.au