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Service Level Agreements

One of the major advantages of a Telstra private network is the reduction in cost of ownership and management of ICT infrastructure. This means businesses can have their IT staff concentrating full time on important project work that will help grow their business.Imagine if you could eliminate the time expensive IT staff are tied up… Continue reading Service Level Agreements

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Fixed Mobile Convergence

Overview Mobile phones are a mainstay in today’s businesses and usage only continues to grow. Employees have traditionally relied on mobile devices to stay connected, but this has always meant that an employee has to distribute a separate phone number to ensure that business associates or customers can reach them when they need to be… Continue reading Fixed Mobile Convergence

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Use Your Smartphone On the Office PABX

Use your Smartphone as a true extension of your NEC SV8000 communications server. NEC uMobility combines both mobile and WiFi networks to stay connected   NEC’s uMobility solution is a powerful application, making the smartphone a true extension of the office telephone system. Available for a range of mobile devices and combining both mobile and… Continue reading Use Your Smartphone On the Office PABX