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Telstra launches an International Travel Pass

- Are you planning an overseas trip in the near future? Does the thought of coming home to a hefty phone bill concern you? Well look no further than this article, as we are excited to announce a new offer available to Telstra customers. For a one-off pre-paid charge, Telstra customers are now being given… Continue reading Telstra launches an International Travel Pass

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More Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is only weeks away, have you finished your present shopping yet? If not, you’ve come to right place. We recommend these mobile accessories as we think they are perfect for people of all ages. The She's Extreme Elle hard case for iPhone 6 is perfect for vibrant women who like their technology to suit… Continue reading More Christmas gift ideas

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No more unexpected data shock

Last month Telstra announced to the public that they will begin dispatching real-time mobile data usage alerts to their Post-Paid mobile customers. Customers will now be alerted within seconds when they reach 50 per cent, 85 per cent and 100 per cent of their monthly data allowance. In comparison to other mobile operators and Telstra… Continue reading No more unexpected data shock

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Telstra’s new tablet range

- Have you found yourself saying things like ‘I never know what to get her’ or ‘he is so hard to buy for’ as Christmas approaches this year? Then look no further than this article for ideas. There are many reasons as to why our team at Telephone Technologies think a tablet is a great… Continue reading Telstra’s new tablet range

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Kids and Smartphones. Is it a good idea?

The days of mobiles phones being used for just making phone calls and sending text messages are officially over. The Smartphone is taking the world by storm and is drastically improving by the day. So when we learnt that ONE in THREE primary school aged children in Australia have their own mobile phone and kids… Continue reading Kids and Smartphones. Is it a good idea?

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TIM School Communicator

Here at Telephone Technologies we are excited to tell all of our school customers about the new TIM School Communicator. This Telstra product has been designed to enhance the integrated messaging system within Primary and Secondary schools and will enable effective two-way dialogue among the entire school community. Read on as we give our full… Continue reading TIM School Communicator

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Introducing the SV9000 series

Say hello to the latest innovation from NEC, the SV9000 series. This reliable, world class communication platform will be made available to Australians in November 2014. Although preserving the same technology as the SV8000 series, the SV9000 series will surprise customers with many new and exciting features. The NEC SV9000 series has had several advancements… Continue reading Introducing the SV9000 series