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Telstra’s new tablet range

- Have you found yourself saying things like ‘I never know what to get her’ or ‘he is so hard to buy for’ as Christmas approaches this year? Then look no further than this article for ideas. There are many reasons as to why our team at Telephone Technologies think a tablet is a great… Continue reading Telstra’s new tablet range

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Product Review: Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Pro X

In the market for a new mobile internet device? Read on . . . . . There has been an exciting new advancement in the ever changing world of mobile technology. Well we get pretty excited about it, so we thought we might share with you. In early 2015, Telstra is launching its new Telstra… Continue reading Product Review: Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced Pro X

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Telstra Wi-Fi is growing

Credit: Aaron Goile BDM at Telephone Technologies     In a plan worth more than $100m TELSTRA is creating one of the world’s largest Wi-Fi networks, to boost connectivity in Australian cafes, shopping areas, stadiums and transport hubs. Whether you are a Telstra customer or not, the aim is to offer Australians access to two… Continue reading Telstra Wi-Fi is growing

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Fixed Mobile Convergence

Overview Mobile phones are a mainstay in today’s businesses and usage only continues to grow. Employees have traditionally relied on mobile devices to stay connected, but this has always meant that an employee has to distribute a separate phone number to ensure that business associates or customers can reach them when they need to be… Continue reading Fixed Mobile Convergence